The Church Building

A brief taster of what you can expect to see in our church


Having entered the church through the porch walk down the ramp, stand and pause at the font.



Just as for many of us our journey in faith starts with our baptism in the font so we start your introduction to our church at the font.

 To the left of the entrance door is a collection of stones, on the back wall two banners and the Bible boards painted on canvas. There is also evidence of a chimney which was for a stove on a former wooden balcony. The brass plaques on the back pew have the names of past prominent families in the area who “owned” pews in the church.

 If you now move halfway down the Nave pause again and look up at the ceiling.


 Enjoy our angels!!


For many years there has been speculation as to whether the roof came originally from Basingwerk Abbey as a result of the disillusion of the monasteries. During the recent Death Watch Beetle eradication work Richard Suggett from the Royal Commission on the Ancient Historical Monuments of Wales did an inspection and reported that the roof has always been ours! (Link to the report below) The current thinking is that after the fire in 1532 there was only enough money to reroof one part.


To your left on top of the pillar is a carved coal candle stand with a very romantic tale. The glass screens were put in place during the re ordering of the church by John Douglas in 1887.  Prior to this the pews and box pews in both aisles faced the wall behind you on which were also sited the Pulpit and the Font.





As you move forwards you arrive at the chancel step, to your right the pulpit, which has the carved images of the Gospel writers – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  To the left is the Lectern.




 Walk past the choir stalls and the organ you come to the sanctuary step and the communion rail.







Beyond the altar is the East window.





  From left to right the panels are –


1) St Michael with the devil/dragon at his feet

2) Mary the mother of Jesus (can you see a tear on her face?),

3) Jesus on the cross in the middle,

4) St John with his Gospel under his arm,

5) St Peter holding the key of the Kingdom of Heaven


We hope that this brief tour has encouraged you to come and visit us. 

For a much more detailed tour please click below

Visitor Booklet

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The Church Yard

Work on the Churchyard