The Church Committee

What is a church committee?

Each church in a Mission Area may elect its own Church Committee to be responsible for running itself, and to do all those things which PCCs currently do, except for matters now given to the Mission Area Conference (ie  the powers and responsibility of both the Parochial Church Council and the Deanery Conference as set out in the Constitution).

How will the church committee be set up and run?

The Decree is not prescriptive about this. As the rules for election to the Mission Area Conference are decided by the Mission Area itself, to ensure fair representation of each of the Churches, so the principles behind and therefore rules for election to the individual Church Committees can be so decided.

Which decisions can be made at Church Committee and which should be made in the MAC?

As long as it is constitutionally allowed, each Mission Area is responsible for deciding how the Church Committees are to act, the rules and regulations that will govern each Committee and the powers that may be delegated to them.

Church Committee members as of 28th April 2017



Incumbent (Vacancy)

John Prior-Egerton (Warden & Secretary),

Amanda Griffiths (Warden & Mission Area Conference),

Mike Simkins (Lay Chairman),

Sandra Davies,

John Foxlee (Reader, Co-opted)

Christine Langton,

Kathleen Mason ( Mission Area Conference),

Anne Prior-Egerton,

Peter Richards,

Heather Tate,

Jean Thomas,

Robin Williams

Jean Worthington

Lisa Worthington-Jones (Treasurer)